I feel

Something latent
Something potent
Longing to manifest.

A faceless anticipation
Not lust or desire.

I feel it
Right below my heart
When I breathe.

It aches
A little.

It makes me run faster
And swim longer,
Look for lonely places
Where I can sit with it.

Some raw energy
That could be love
Or simply life.

a BIG no

Why has it taken so long

To see that a no

A BIG no

Was dignity and space?

Slamming my fist down on the table

Just like that.

I let the black ink show through the paper

Sharp, strong lines

Cutting though all the posturing, the guilt and dutiful enslavement.

Yes, now I know, a BIG no frees the mind.


I am

I am a tree
A cow
The delicate winter sunlight
Caressing the misty hills.

I am silence, rain
And pain.

I am king and queen,
Blue and white
And bright.

I am laughter
Melting tongues and words and us.

I am smoke and I rise
Soaking banners and flags
With the longing,
The hope and love
Of our collective heart.