Expanding into Mahayana?

Until this uncomfortable summer
I have had a smooth ride,
My ego shredding its robes,
My feet losing their ground,
And all the while space opening up.

I have even had
Quite fleetingly
A real taste of compassion,
When I felt so clearly
The suffering of another
As if it were my own.

And then, unexpectedly,
My expanding sense of Shunyata
Got filled with
Clinging and desire, doubt and aversion.
My poverty mind kicked in
Crying me, me, me.

I understand now that
The objects of my craving and anger
Might be the Boddhisattva’s best friends,
Revealing my karmic blind spots
And opening onto a path of relationships.

If I can be brave enough
To see and seize the chance,
To gently rebel against myself
By enlisting the help of others.

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